Drama Dragons Update

This is the first September since 2005 that I am unable to offer drama classes and a production. This is a very hard pill to swallow. The trouble with children is that they continue to grow, so over the course of the pandemic, I lost many students to college, jobs, and family. It takes a minimum of ten students to hold a viable session. I will continue to offer my services for Cosplay creations, monologue coaching, theater assistance, costuming, prop-creating, face painting, make-up classes, summer camp, etc. In addition, after several medical curveballs in the last eighteen months, I must admit I am not a spring chicken anymore. This too has led me to make the decision to no longer offer classes.

It is with a very heavy heart that I am retiring from teaching full time. I will always be here for my students, families and alumni. Drama Dragons has been a huge part of my life and a whole lot of fantastic memories. Thank you, Once a Dragon Always a Dragon.

Much love,

Mama Dragon

Hally Phillips

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