Summer Dragons

Are you ever sad after the last performance for the year?  Do you miss your friends and the acting lifestyle?  If so, Summer Dragons might be the thing for you!

A group of students meet at a designated campground at the beginning of the week and set up camp.  During that week, we audition, cast the characters, block each scene, and memorize our lines.  At the end of the week, we perform a polished play for the campers, free of charge.  In addition to building your skill as an actor, Summer Dragons is a great way to connect with other like-minded people, have fun and many make life long friendships.

Summer Dragons is invitation only, so you have to be invited to go.  Hally Phillips will do an interview for non-Dragon regulars to ensure a great fit for our Summer Dragon camp.  It is 13+ only, and maturity is a big factor.  It can get stressful if you’re lackadaisical with your lines and blocking.  Details about the cost can be obtained by speaking with Hally.

For more details, contact Hally Phillips at 253-279-8268 or