Hello, Dragon Family!

Rehearsal is really starting to pick up pace. Since both the Night Dragons and the Drama Dragons have students that attend only one of the classes, it has been difficult to block and rehearse with some students always missing. So, in a couple weeks, we’re going to have a full-cast rehearsal and hopefully straighten out a few things (including our fantastic and exciting dances!).

Some more news: We finally found a stage! Hooray! We will be performing “To Sleep Upon a Pea” at the Tacoma Elks Lodge 174, 2013 S Cedar St, Tacoma, WA 98405. Also, in a Drama Dragons first, we will be having both of our performances the same day, May 25th (Saturday), one at 2:00pm and the other at 7:00pm. Another small note, ticket prices are now as follows: $7 pre-sale ; $10 at the door. All this information can be found on our new flier:

One thought on “Stage!”

  1. I love the drama dragon, you guys are wonderful. A big shout to Hally Philips of the drama dragon, you’re a darling. Thumb Up

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