Stage Gryffins and Drama Dragons Update

Drama Dragons

Our first few weeks of Drama Dragons have been great.  We’ve played games, done interesting activities, and had a few discussions about Shakespeare.  The kids are getting to know each other, and we’re becoming one big, happy family.  On another note, there’s still room!  I’m inviting any students from the ages of 8-17 to come check us out!  Our next class will be on Friday the 9th at 1pm in Faith Presbyterian Church.  If you’re interested, contact me as soon as possible, so we can get you signed up and active!


Stage Gryffins

Stage Gryffins has been great fun the past few weeks.  We’ve done all sorts of activities, from learning the definition of ‘theatre’ to running around the room like crazy animals.  There is one problem, however.  We don’t have enough students!  Please, if your child is between the ages of 9-16, come and visit!  In order to do an early 2016 performance, we need more students!  Our next class will be Tuesday the 13th at 10am in Calvary Baptist Church.  I can’t stress enough the need for students.  If you’re interested in registering, please contact me, so we can get you ready to go!


Hally Phillips


Phone: 253-279-8268.

Drama Dragons: Friday, October 9; 1pm – 3pm; Ages 9-17; Faith Presbyterian Church, 620 South Shirley St., Tacoma, WA, 98465 in room 117 on the lower level.

Stage Gryffins: Tuesday, October 13; 10am – 12pm; Ages 8-16; Calvary Baptist Church at 9010 320th Street S, Roy, WA 98580.

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