Production Has Begun!

Well, everybody… the script has been chosen and Hallified, and the cast has been cast! This year, the Drama Dragons and the Night Dragons are coming together to produce a show unlike any other… a musical! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… To Sleep Upon a Pea!

Hally adapted it from the musical, “Once Upon a Mattress,” ultimately making it a better show for our Dragons to do. A couple weeks ago, we successfully cast it, and here’s the cast:

Minstrel – Caleb

Jester – Jacob

Wizard – Colin

Queen Amethyst – Hailey

Princess Ruby – Jillian

Prince Dauntless – Asher

Lady Opal – Katryna

Lady Lapis – Kyndriana

Lady Citrine – Juliana

Knight Jasper – Daniel

Princess Winnifred – Emmalyssa

Knight Pyrite – Gabriel

Knight Agate – John

King – SeanĂ¡n

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