Crazy Monster Parties!


The Drama Dragons had a great time this Friday at our Crazy Monster party!  Everyone was supposed to bring a monster (either themselves or a physical stand-in), along with a name, a backstory, an oddity, a special ability, and a fear/weakness.  Each student presented their “Crazy Monster” to the class, along with the according details.  The characters varied greatly, from a “Bad Day” to a hairball to an albino platypus.  We had a great time hanging out, eating food, and playing games.  We did videotape parts of it, although we didn’t have a camera to take pictures.  Here’s a link to the video of their character presentations:

Drama Dragons Crazy Monster Party


Stage Centaurs

The Stage Centaurs party last Thursday was great!  First, we played games until all the parents arrived, followed by our presentation of our characters to the parents and other centaurs.  We then ate food and played more games. We played Night at the Museum, Celebrity, Candyman, the Miglet Game, and the Rhythm Game.  Here are some pictures with descriptions of the students’ characters.


Theresa:  Tumnus, a  curious mountain goat who can talk and jump really far.




Savannah:  Jimmy Jolly Joe, a stubborn leaf who refuses to fall in the winter.



Thyme:  Robette, a robot princess who was an orphan but found her family and lived happily ever after.



Christina:  An American flag named Stars, who hung on a small flagpole over his friend, Washington. He was jealous of bigger, more visible flags, but learned that he was just as important.



Lavender:  Sarah, a little girl who lives alone in the woods with her pet goats, chases off mean wolves, and works at a flower shop.



Gillian:  Ella, an orphan girl living in New York in the early 1900s. Her parents died in a train accident, but she found a new life with a nice family.



Emma:  Natasha the Ninja Cat, who has many adventures with her friend Ginger the Dog.



And finally, a class picture.

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