Beauty and the Beast!

Tale image B&B2
As some of you may already know, the Drama Dragons’ performance this year will be Beauty and the Beast! It is not based on the Disney movie, though some of the characters are similar.

The play will be at the Tacoma Youth Theatre, 924 Broadway, Tacoma, WA 98402. There will be two performances: May 27th, 7:00pm, and May 28th, 2:00pm. The ticket price is still to be determined.

I hope to see you there!

– Hally Phillips

Stage Gryffins!

Hello, drama friends!  In the past few weeks at Stage Gryffins, we’ve had tons of fun! Last week, we played a game, in which everyday items are used as something other than their original purpose.  One of the students got so creative and used all the items as a dining table including flowers!



This was our class today.  We had an interesting discussion about what makes up a story (i.e. characters, problems, etc.)


We have fun together sharing ideas and playing games, but there’s always room for more students!  If you know any child who may be interested in a basic theatre skills class, tell them!  There is no charge for a visit, so feel free to stop on by and “play” with us!  We meet at Puyallup Baptist Community Church 1318 9th Ave SW Puyallup, WA 98371.

Hope to see you there!

– Hally Phillips


Cellphone: 253-279-8268

Summer Dragons!!!

Although it’s still winter, I have most of the information available for Summer Dragons this year!  For those of you who don’t know, Summer Dragons is where we camp at a Thousand Trails campground in Chehalis, practice our survival skills (such as how to cook tacos), and put on a show at the end of the week! This summer’s show title is “Treasure Island With a Twist”
It is immensely fun!

The age limit is 13 years or older, want to act, like having fun, can follow directions please consider participating.  We arrive on July 16th and stay until the 24th.  The price is $350, and there are some scholarships available.  Sometime before we leave, we will have a parent meeting, in which we will discuss the logistics of the week.

If you would like to come, and you meet all the requirements (parent’s approval, cost, can act, etc.) please contact me as soon as possible!  I’d love to see you there!

– Hally Phillips

Cellphone: 253-279-8268


Stage Gryffins in Puyallup!

Stage Gryffins is moving locations!  After our last class, Tuesday, December 17th, my assistant and I visited Puyallup Community Baptist Church.  They have a wonderful facility with plenty of space.

On January 5th, 2016, we will be meeting at Puyallup Baptist Community Church 1318 9th Ave SW Puyallup, WA 98371.  You’d better use a GPS beforehand, because Puyallup street numbers make no sense.  The classes will go from 1pm to 3pm, until late May/early June.  The ending date is still TBD.  The price is $10 a week, with an additional $35 fee at the beginning of the session.  The age range is 9-16 years old.

I have a feeling this location is going to be the best yet, especially since we’ll have more students!  If you have any homeschooled friends that live out in that area, please do some advertising!  I can’t talk to everyone at once!

I hope to see you there on January 5th!

– Hally Phillips


Merry Christmas

The Final Stage Gryffins Class



The Final Drama Dragons Class



On the final day of Drama, my director gave to me:

Twelve days ’til showtime,

Eleven techies stressing,

Ten fancy costumes,

Nine lengthy lectures,

Eight interactions,

Seven notes on blocking,

Six scripts for mending,

Five olden things,

Four acting swords,

Three accents,

Two monologues,

And a notebook and some homework!

Thanks to all of you for being with me this season!  I love you all and will look forward to seeing you next year!

“Cherry Mistmas to all, and to all, a nood gight!”

– Hally Phillips


This last Friday, we had a special guest Kari Baumann, she came to teach the class how to do makeup!  Kari was very informative and told us exactly what to do with each substance.  We focused on beauty makeup this time around, though I’m not saying we all looked beautiful afterwards.  Some were very good with the makeup.  Others… not so much.  (they couldn’t tell the difference between makeup and face paint).  And, of course, some of them were just downright scary. Scary will be in our next class in January 2016! Here are some photos to give you a good idea of what we did.  Sorry about the picture quality.
Check out Kari’s page on Facebook with the link below:
Decorate Your Face








– Hally Phillips

Drama Dragons Fall Party

On October 30, 2015, a unique group of individuals gathered together in Faith Presbyterian Church to play games, eat junk food, and crawl all over the furniture before lapsing into sugar-induced comas.

All right, that last part’s not very accurate, but we did have a great time hanging out.  We focused a lot on improv games, which were loads of fun, and we tried to guess each others’ costumes (that was harder than it may have seemed).

To give you a good idea, here are some pictures of the students’ costumes:


From left to right:  Thalia, Batman, Dirt, PJ’s, Steve Rogers, Pirate Girl, Princess Jasmine, and Helga.


From left to right:  Professor, Weird Al Yankovic, Koala, Cat Burglar, Minion Fox, Hat, Front-to-Back.


And some more craziness.

We are still open for registration, so if you feel like hanging out, acting, and learning, contact me at:


Phone: 253-279-8268.

Thanks much!

– Hally Phillips

What The Students Do When I’m Not Watching

Hello, everybody!  This last Friday at Drama Dragons was quite interesting.  Here is some evidence:


(They did this to themselves)

Besides this hilarious addition to our class time, I’ve had a brilliant idea!

Have you heard of Tiffany’s roller skating in Puyallup?  Well, they’re offering a homeschool skate day on Wednesday, November 4 from 1pm – 3pm, and I’m going to be there!  For any of you homeschoolers who are interested, it’s $6.00 for two hours of skating, skate rental, mingling, and falling on our faces.  I will be there to talk (can you imagine me skating?) with adults and kids, so if you ever wanted to meet the “famous” Hally, see me there!


– Hally Phillips

Stage Gryffins and Drama Dragons Update

Drama Dragons

Our first few weeks of Drama Dragons have been great.  We’ve played games, done interesting activities, and had a few discussions about Shakespeare.  The kids are getting to know each other, and we’re becoming one big, happy family.  On another note, there’s still room!  I’m inviting any students from the ages of 8-17 to come check us out!  Our next class will be on Friday the 9th at 1pm in Faith Presbyterian Church.  If you’re interested, contact me as soon as possible, so we can get you signed up and active!


Stage Gryffins

Stage Gryffins has been great fun the past few weeks.  We’ve done all sorts of activities, from learning the definition of ‘theatre’ to running around the room like crazy animals.  There is one problem, however.  We don’t have enough students!  Please, if your child is between the ages of 9-16, come and visit!  In order to do an early 2016 performance, we need more students!  Our next class will be Tuesday the 13th at 10am in Calvary Baptist Church.  I can’t stress enough the need for students.  If you’re interested in registering, please contact me, so we can get you ready to go!


Hally Phillips


Phone: 253-279-8268.

Drama Dragons: Friday, October 9; 1pm – 3pm; Ages 9-17; Faith Presbyterian Church, 620 South Shirley St., Tacoma, WA, 98465 in room 117 on the lower level.

Stage Gryffins: Tuesday, October 13; 10am – 12pm; Ages 8-16; Calvary Baptist Church at 9010 320th Street S, Roy, WA 98580.