And That’s A Wrap!

Beauty and the Beast is finally over!  We spent five hours on Wednesday and five hours on Thursday preparing for the show, making sound cues and light cues, and finishing up some last minute loose ends.  Despite some (ahem) backstage talking, our tech days went fairly well.

On Friday, the actors did a great job, considering we were only able to do one and a half full run-throughs.  There were some bumps and bruises, but the students recovered.  Unfortunately, one of our actors broke his arm on Wednesday, so he was not able to perform in the show on Friday.  At a moment’s notice, another actor I’ve worked with before was willing to step in and take over the role.  He did a very good job, since he only had four hours to know his lines and blocking.

The show on Saturday went much better.  After making a mistake once, it is unlikely for one to make it again.  I’d like to thank everyone who helped with the behind-the-scenes stuff and those who helped with the in-front-of-the-scenes stuff.  With much teamwork and last-minute organizing, we were able to pull off a great show!

Here’s a picture of the cast:


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