What is Drama Dragons?


There are many home-schooled children in the Puget Sound region and I am lucky enough to teach some of the best. In 2005, I was approached by a few parents to see if I was interested in starting a drama program for their kids. I had worked with some of these students in a youth program at the Lakewood Playhouse. I was thrilled to have a new challenge, and with input from the kids and their families, we created the Drama Dragons. I started out with only 12 students meeting on Fridays for 2 hours. It became so much fun that I now have two different classes, each up to three hours long, and as many as 30 students. In 2008, I offered the first “Summer Dragon” camp. We did Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream in a week! All of our performances are in full costumes, lighting, sound, and presented in live theater format. Some of the titles we have performed are: Robin Hood, Treasure Island, A Christmas Carol and Alice in Wonderland. I encourage the student’s input to our choices of material.

You may wonder why dragons? I asked my first students what we should name our troupe? There were many titles discussed but of all the ideas we tossed around, Drama Dragons was the best fit. Dragons are strong, fearless, magical and fun. Wouldn’t you want to be a dragon?

Instructed and Directed by:  Hally Phillips

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