The Trojan War Is Over!

Drama Dragons family and friends…

For the last couple of weeks, Hally and her assistants worked like crazy to prepare for The Hysterical History of the Trojan War.  All of our tech rehearsals went well, and we discovered that we actually had more room on stage than we thought we would!  And we needed all the space we could get.

Last Friday, the day of the first show, we finished rehearsing in record time.  We had a two-hour gap in between our pizza party and the show itself.  Both of the performances went amazing, with only minor errors (as can be expected in all theatre productions).  The audience participation aspect was especially fun… lots of clapping and booing.  The video of the performances has been posted under the Performance Videos tab, for your enjoyment.  Here are a bunch of pictures from our second tech day:

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