Summer is on our Doorstep!

Hello, Drama Dragons family and friends!  With the conclusion of the 2017-18 year of drama, the summer program is ready to burst into the light!  Summer Dragons is almost here!  For those of you who don’t know, Summer Dragons is n exciting event where an elite group of Dragons meets at Thousand Trails Chehalis to camp for a week.  In that week, we cast, block, memorize, and choreograph all the nuts and bolts of a full-length play, performing two shows at the end of the week.  This year, we will be performing an original script written by our very own Drama Dragon veteran, Tyler Appleby.  It is called:  Kingdom’s Err!  See our logo below:

The specific dates of the performance will be announced soon, so keep watch!

The Trojan War Is Over!

Drama Dragons family and friends…

For the last couple of weeks, Hally and her assistants worked like crazy to prepare for The Hysterical History of the Trojan War.  All of our tech rehearsals went well, and we discovered that we actually had more room on stage than we thought we would!  And we needed all the space we could get.

Last Friday, the day of the first show, we finished rehearsing in record time.  We had a two-hour gap in between our pizza party and the show itself.  Both of the performances went amazing, with only minor errors (as can be expected in all theatre productions).  The audience participation aspect was especially fun… lots of clapping and booing.  The video of the performances has been posted under the Performance Videos tab, for your enjoyment.  Here are a bunch of pictures from our second tech day:

Troy Is Just Around The Corner!

This week is Tech Week!  Last week, Hally and her assistants spent hours upon hours constructing the massive Trojan wall, in addition to the Spartans’ shields.  As of yesterday, we finished our first tech rehearsal, which consisted of a costume parade, a somewhat choppy run-through, and the organization/construction of the set.  Here are some pictures, for your enjoyment:

Sew and So

Hello!  Friends of The Drama Dragons,

Sew N So is open!  I am working an on-the-side business for repairing clothes/costumes.  I find that nowadays, not enough people know how to mend, and instead, they end up throwing away or donating their damaged clothing.  

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Larceny and Old Lace

Kudos to the Covenant High School drama group on their most recent production, Larceny and Old Lace!  A few current students and I went to see it, and it was a blast!  It was a spin-off of the classic, Arsenic and Old Lace, based on the story of two elderly women who rob casinos, an eccentric uncle who thinks he’s a pirate, and a few suspicious cops.  Many former Dragons were involved in the show, either as actors or crew members.  Here’s a picture of the program, followed by one of the cast list, for reference:

Once again, good job CHS!

 – Hally Phillips

En Garde!

We had stage combat practice today, in preparation for the Trojan War. We also practiced sword-fighting with pencils, though pictures were not taken of that.  The pictures below showcase only the punching… we learned many more moves than that, including gut-punching, hair-pulling, foot-stomping, and face-slapping.

The Dates Are Set!

A couple weeks ago, we managed to secure the times, dates, and locations for our Spring performance, The Hysterical History of the Trojan War.  We will be performing at Puget Sound Christian Center, 4020 S. 56th St. Tacoma.  The dates/times are as follows:

Friday, May 4 at 7:00pm

Saturday, May 5 at 1:00pm

As of this past Friday, we have finished blocking the first half of the script!  Woohoo!  There have been some intense human/god interactions, chaotic/unfocused/offkey singing and dancing, and a lot of deep character development.  Here are some pictures and a video to showcase our work:

If you would like to preorder tickets for $5 ($7 at the door), please contact Hally Phillips at: