Summer Dragons Recap

Summer Dragons was a blast!  Eight days of intensive practice, and we managed to pull off Treasure Trek:  The New Adventures of Jim Hawkins.  We read the script for the first time and auditioned on last Saturday evening.  On Sunday, we learned the basics of stage combat with cutlasses, dirks, and other assorted weapons.  Monday through Thursday, from 10:00am – 2:00pm, we memorized lines and blocking.  The cast’s enthusiasm and work ethic was excellent… we managed to finish blocking on Wednesday, which could be a record.  We spent the majority of time on Thursday building the final fight scene (every play needs one).  After two dress rehearsals on Friday, we performed.

The first show was good, but some things were a bit choppy, as could be expected.  On Saturday, the cast ran over their lines and encouraged each other, followed by a stunning final performance.  The audience was very interactive, and all the actors did a very good job.

Here is our cast photo before our first performance:


Summer Dragons Production

We are currently in Chehalis for the Summer Dragons camp!  We have been preparing for our upcoming performance, Treasure Trek:  The New Adventures of Jim Hawkins, and we just finished blocking today!  We hope to see you this weekend at the show.  In order to recap, here’s one of our recent posts about this upcoming production:

For those of you who don’t know, the Summer Dragons is a weeklong, overnight camp.  We camp for nine days, and during that time, we memorize lines, practice blocking, and learn fight sequences for a performance at the end of the week.  This year is the first time we will do a daily stage combat demonstration, leading up to a performance.  The campers are responsible for all camp duties, including cooking, cleanup, and maintenance with adult supervision, along with preparing and putting together the show in five days.

As in previous camps, I write an original twisted script, which is a mash-up of various stories (i.e. books, movies, TV shows, etc.).  This year, we will be performing Treasure Trek:  The New Adventures of Jim Hawkins.  I’ll let you figure that one out yourself.  The shows will be on Friday, July 22 at 7:00pm, and Saturday, July 23 at 7:00pm.  We will be performing at Thousand Trails campground in Chehalis in their family lodge.  Just follow the signs.

If you’re interested in seeing more exhibitions of our students’ acting abilities and other instances of our strange senses of humor, please come!  We’d love to see you there!

– Hally Phillips