This last Friday, we had a special guest Kari Baumann, she came to teach the class how to do makeup!  Kari was very informative and told us exactly what to do with each substance.  We focused on beauty makeup this time around, though I’m not saying we all looked beautiful afterwards.  Some were very good with the makeup.  Others… not so much.  (they couldn’t tell the difference between makeup and face paint).  And, of course, some of them were just downright scary. Scary will be in our next class in January 2016! Here are some photos to give you a good idea of what we did.  Sorry about the picture quality.
Check out Kari’s page on Facebook with the link below:
Decorate Your Face








– Hally Phillips

Drama Dragons Fall Party

On October 30, 2015, a unique group of individuals gathered together in Faith Presbyterian Church to play games, eat junk food, and crawl all over the furniture before lapsing into sugar-induced comas.

All right, that last part’s not very accurate, but we did have a great time hanging out.  We focused a lot on improv games, which were loads of fun, and we tried to guess each others’ costumes (that was harder than it may have seemed).

To give you a good idea, here are some pictures of the students’ costumes:


From left to right:  Thalia, Batman, Dirt, PJ’s, Steve Rogers, Pirate Girl, Princess Jasmine, and Helga.


From left to right:  Professor, Weird Al Yankovic, Koala, Cat Burglar, Minion Fox, Hat, Front-to-Back.


And some more craziness.

We are still open for registration, so if you feel like hanging out, acting, and learning, contact me at:


Phone: 253-279-8268.

Thanks much!

– Hally Phillips